Low Carbon Environment

Compiled this communication on the eve of the Copenhagen meeting on the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. The intention of it is given some background information and comments from our harvest to be processed in case of interest, the flood of information about it and begins to circulate through the media. If we take as a starting point, the Conference on the Environment in Stockholm in 1972, and taking into account at least the events of humanity since the founding of Rome, we can assume that this is an abrupt change of state of affairs with which had been accustomed to cope those currently passing through the stages of adulthood and old age on Planet Earth. The Stockholm Conference was the first survey on the mode of production imposed by Euro American culture from the "British Industrial Revolution" of 1760 was becoming unviable. It must be remembered that the conference was accompanied by documents such as the Meadows Report on " Limits to Growth "the hypothesis" Gaia "Lovelock, and the message to the governments and peoples of the Mute" by Juan Domingo Peron.

It is also reminiscent of the time the work of Ivan Ilyich, Brice Lalonde, and Schumacher, among others. It is recalled that the year after Stockholm, the price of oil released, and the gold. These events reinforced the statement in Stockholm, although at the time were not related in a way that had widely disseminated the Eco 92 to 20 years in Stockholm, was preceded by the Brundtland Report, for the creation of the Panel of Experts United Nations Climate Change.