Magnum YUBZ Us

Magnum YUBZ us an amazing device you can enjoy our favorite music. It is really a product with a bold design with performance and very good. Has a special form of tube with two speakers on each side and a black cover with the texture of the skin and textile design, product offers us this thought-the ability to connect any device via Bluetooth music player to take home. The name Motorola was adopted in 1947 but has been used as a trademark since the thirties when the company began manufacturing radios for cars. Emerging companies used the suffix “-ola” to market their phonographs, radios and other audio equipment in the 1920s, the most famous of these was “Victrola,” the company launched its RCA “radiola, another company that had launched a jukebox machine called the market Rock-Ola, and a film editor named Moviola. The prefix “motor-” was chosen in principle because the initial objective was the Motorola car electronics.
Most of the Motorola products related to radio waves, starting with the battery eliminator for radio, until the first walkie-talkie, the following electronics for defense, the mobile telephony infrastructure and finally the marketing of devices to use this infrastructure, mobile phones.
The business of the company also succeeded in the fabrication of semiconductor technology, including integrated circuits used in computers and microprocessors that were used for the Commodore Amiga, the Macintosh and Apple PowerPC.
In the early eighties, Motorola launched an aggressive crusade to improve the quality of its products, the first ten times, then one hundred times. The company set a target of quality “six sigma”. The term statistically significant “six standard deviations on a statistical average performance.” This means that Motorola is proposed to reduce the defects of their products at less than 3.4 per million in each of its processes: 99.9997 free of defects. “Six sigma” became the rallying cry of Motorola.
In addition, Motorola currently has a diversified product line in telecommunications is going from satellite systems to modems.
On October 6, 2003, Motorola announced it would spin off semiconductor production in the creation of a new company “Freescale Semiconductor, Inc”. The new company began trading on July 16, 2004 at the New York Stock Exchange.
Currently, there has been a cut in workforce. Motorola employees have gone from 150,000 to 69,000, approximately.
Motorola has managed to gain market share it had lost with GSM connection to a company like Nokia or Samsung with the design of the Motorola V3 Motorola L7 and famous. In September 2005, also launched the first mobile to include the purchase of music over the Internet “iTunes” for Apple.
In April 2006, Motorola sold its production line of products for the car to Continental, proceeding with the policy of empowerment of the mobile telephony sector .