PRESCRIPTIONS OF NATURAL INSECTICIDES Published in the Chico periodical (ago. 2006) Heraclitus Ney Suiter If exists animals that we would not like to coexist (beyond the politicians, it is logical), these animals is the insects, mainly the flies, pernilongos and cockroachs. Beyond bothering sufficiently they can be vehicles of dissemination of diverse illnesses. ' ' Chico' ' it was arranging papelada in the writing and discovered some repellent and insecticidal notations on some natural ones to be in peace with these insects and decided to publish. It follows below the tips: Flies: 1. It mixes pepper of the kingdom in a plate with vinegar or milk and leaves in the environment where the flies bother, as on of the table.

2. To frighten flies in tables of barbecue, pass a cloth humidified in sanitary water. The flies detestam this smell. Pernilongos: 1. It mixes 750ml of gasoline, more 250ml of kerosene, 0,05ml of camphor (can be found in pharmacies and you would drug of the city) and 15 naphthalene small balls. It leaves in infusion per 15 days.

Later can borrifar using it one spray. 2. It burns a camphor piece in saucers, the infested environment. 3. Its house places creolina in the water puddles of next strips of land. Bush cheap: 1. Boric acid g of (purchase in pharmacy), 3 spoons (soup) of ralado cheese makes a Pope mixing 200, 3 spoons (soup) of sugar, 3 spoons (soup) of ralada onion, 2 spoons (soup) of wheat flour, (if necessary it adds more until giving consistency). It places in tampinhas of cooling and it distributes for the places of the house, where the cockroachs costumam ' ' passear' ' , but far from the reach of the children and domestic animals. Validity: of 5 the 6 months. 2. Or it makes ' ' bolinhas' ' of this Pope: 1 flour soup spoon of wheat, 1 onion well bite, 100 grams of acid boric (available in pharmacies). It spreads in the places where the cockroachs costumam to appear. 3. Dressing gown in the liqidificador: sugar soup onion, 03 spoons, 1 water cup. Thick cream adds wheat flour until being 01 it pours in a plastic canister, adds 02 acid soup spoons of boric (purchase in pharmacy). One applies with flicks behind the furniture and drawers. * To read more texts of the author it has access the site Hidding place of the Letters.