New York

When understanding the irony as a figure that consists of saying something accurately in contrast of what it is being said. Of this form, the authors mark its narratives with a certain falseamento on the part of the narrators in autoconscincia exercise, auto-reflection with a tone antibourgeois In ' ' The Red Mattered one of No' ' the narrator-personage goes to try to carry through of its dream of american way of life in Meca of the consumerism: New York. It could only there be happy. No longer text of Mirisola the narrator-personage has all the conditions to be happy is enough only a little of varnish here. In the first one, a extenuante repetition of expressions seems to leave done one gushes out where the narrator seems to want to prove exactly for itself that it is the only one that he has the capacity to leave the chaos where if finds. its ' ' administrator brain knows that you provide to take.

I looked the development in each instant of my life. I know accurately where I want chegar.' ' (p.596) Paradoxicalally, at another moment, it that, as affirmed, it has the reins of its life, therefore its pragmatic thought provided this condition to it, appeals, more than a time, the God to reaffirm its condition of ' ' chosen for the great Providncia' '. ' ' Now I understand the designs of the nature, the intention of the destination. Now I can understand God, who is to my side and makes to rain money in New York. ' ' (p.597) Or as in this another one ticket, where if it uses to advantage of the onipresena of God, however, only in the chosen city, ' ' God is in all New York. ' ' (p.597) At another moment, the narrator, beyond showing its privacy with the holy ghost, if diviniza from a game of silogsticas ideas where he consists of saying that ' ' God is also a great administrator, as I, Pablo and all the New Yorkers.