Night City

Topics: "The City in the Fog," "I had a dream, "" There is rain, "" Night City "," Flowers for the curtain "and other collage. This combination of application and drawing. Collage can be smooth and long. For its implementation using paper, cloth, wool, yarn, any waste material. The works are drawn in three-dimensional frame. You can draw the details. For example, making the head of the animal or human tissue volume of one color, you can draw a little face, face, hair or fur stick out of yarn, fur, Felt, etc.

Drawing from the tube. The paint is applied by pressing the tube, thus it is necessary to be able to regulate the flow. In the tube you can make a few holes with a needle that had a few squirts. Foam drawings. Squeeze little foam figures, which are pre-dipped in paint. First pictures will be chaotic. Then they become a pattern that will help the child to assess spatial orientation.

"Klyaksografiya." On paper or a damp cloth with a brush dripping liquid gouache paint. From the resulting drop can blow out the desired object, can be folded in half sheet or cloth to blot printed on the opposite side of the sheet, and then dorisovat missing details. To use any blow or blow pipe without turning the page, or go around the leaf. Drawing on carbon paper. Copying is placed on a white sheet of paper. Picture performed with a fingernail, finger, a quill pen used pivot stick sharp etc. Copying can be a different color. Draw dots. Hands, fingers, felt pen, pencil, charcoal, pastel drawing is performed, consisting of some individual points. Perform better in color, that stood out more clearly the image. Drawing on the bark. Drawing on a very old elm. It is all the real texture, and we can paint on, add somewhere to revive the color. Then put to work under pressure and a framing outline. Drawing on a wax-based (grattazh). On a sheet of paper with a cotton swab or a broad brush across the surface of gouache applied in different colors. After drying, gouache covered with wax or paraffin. To do this, rub the leaf candle. Paraffin surface is filled with ink. (Mascara bad falls on the wax or paraffin surface, so we must use diligence and will power.) Once ink is dry, apply the wax once more lining. Now you can draw on it with any sharp object (pen pupils', rod, needle, thick nail, quill pen, etc.). Remember that children need to learn different techniques, but not make it work. Preparation for school at home