Office Capital

In this way, the money that I, today in the morning, have entered the Central office of the Savings bank of San Quirze de Safaja can be that same afternoon in Illinois, because there there is a Bank to which my Savings bank has given him my money so that is lent it to ninja. By all means, the one of Illinois does not know that the money arrives to him from my town, and I do not know that my money, deposited in a serious organization as it is my Savings bank, begins to be in a certain risk. The Director of the Office of my Box does not know to it either, that knows – and is conceited of which it works in a serious Institution. The President of the Savings bank does not know to it either, that only knows that it has inverted a part of the money of his investors in an important Bank of the United States. 2 commentary: the globalisation has its advantages, but also its disadvantages, and their dangers. The people of San Quirze do not know that a risk in the United States is running and when it begins to read that mortgages occur there prevails, thinks: What madnesses make these Americans! In addition, it is that the Norms of Basel exist, that they demand to the Banks worldwide that have a minimum Capital in relation to their Assets. Simplifying much, the Balance of the Bank of Illinois is: PASSIVE ASSETS Money in Box Money that has lent him other Banks granted Credits Capital Reserves TOTAL X million X million the Norms of Basel demands that the Capital of that Bank is not inferior to a certain percentage of the Assets. Then, if the Bank is asking money to other Banks and giving many credits, the percentage of Capital on the Assets of that low Bank and does not fulfill the mentioned Norms of Basel.