Property Buying

Every month more and more of our fellow citizens seeking to put its finances in the sale of real estate Mediterranean, which proves that service statistics – from 2004 to 2007, demand for property abroad for Russians grew up in four and a half times the percentage of Russian in this market is more than five%. At the same time, planned tendency to acquire real estate more than the citizens of Russia in Mediterranean countries – Spain, Montenegro and Bulgaria, of which about 60% of trades carried out in real estate abroad. Of course, like any other endeavor, Property Buying gives its owner as its benefits and its drawbacks. Let's look at them in detail to make the final conclusion – that is to be expected when purchasing Property in Europe – the profit or loss, problems or pleasure. The main fear and confusion in the European real estate purchase, trigger factors such as lack of knowledge of other areas, its conditions, characteristics of life Aboriginal society is ignorance or very unimportant own local language, foreign languages (especially English), lack of information legislation in the area, the properties of the financial system and method of payment of taxes, long distance to acquire property and, therefore, the inability to residence, maintenance of the object in the desired state, the issue of the passport regime.

The first three listed reasons it is possible to eliminate the usual traffic study guides and short course of intensive English language. Article about the remoteness of the subject property and security solved in elementary by the same constant letting the European real estate, because the demand for it is now high (especially in the EU and the countries of the Mediterranean coast). Well, the issue of visas allowed for 1-2 months, moreover, that the vast number of countries willing to make concessions in large infusion of funds into their country. At this point you have to make sure what are the prospects for buying real estate abroad promises: a much lower price level real estate than in Moscow (about what has been described earlier), conservation of resources invested and income from future sales of real estate in Europe, perfect conditions for vacation of the family – the territory and all that is necessary for joyful pastime for you already are, are likely to buy a property abroad is not only a direct translation, but also on credit.