Reciprocity Attraction

Of these aspects Festinger, Schacter and Back (1950) Apud GRANDSON (2000: 161) had shown that the people whom a proximity has are susceptveis to be friend, and is to point out that others had shown that friendships were more product of knowledge of the name of somebody next thing, what for it influences of religion, age, and others; The similarity, is characterized for the attraction influenced for a person to have similar characteristics that the attracted person. for is authors says to exist other types similarity, being: similarity 2 percepcionada, physical distance, economic and educational advance percepcionado, religion, age, etnia, politics, social classroom. as importance the similarity is reforante, takes the person if to confirm showing what it is; The Complementaridade the attraction in this of – for somebody having something of different that it completes the attracted person, and of done studies the complementaridade is had as factor who helps in the development of a relation more than not said happiness, having been what said the happiness the similarity; Reciprocity factor that is characterized for the atraco in that it likes us; the atraco baseiase in the theories of the reinforcement and the social exchange. Positive qualities are the admirable qualities in the individual that lead to somebody to attract themselves, these can be: honesty, loyalty, veracity, to deserve confidence, to be faithful; Physical Atractividade factor characterized for the attraction for admiration of the Physical aspect or frame outrem of it, and in this the physically attractive term mentions the set to it of physical characteristics of the individual that attract it outrem, that they depend on person for person, even so authors tend to standardize that this gnero likes that is that one of this. Granddaughters trends to standardize certain aspects, had had controversies therefore some defend, that intelligence and the behavior are not excellent factors but yes the physicist from there the interest in if cingir in the study of esteretipos of physical atractividade.