Repairing Computers At Home

Try to repair the computer is best to start with a friend or someone who at least knows the basics of the assembly of computer equipment. To begin to undertake an initial diagnosis, which should be 50% to specify exactly though what the parties come to this hard business. Having determined that no other iron preparation can not do arm with all the tools to repair your computer. Be sure to take a screwdriver, but better than one, but as at least a few varieties of curly head screwdriver and a flat – so just in case. As they say on the rules at hand will need to put some iron object or as a pro grounding strap. Armed with small flashlight or a powerful searchlight, climb inside. Open all the walls, while not forgetting to unplug the system unit of power and turning off the emergency switch on the power supply (if any). Look into the cavity e-filling unit: in front of us the motherboard, it is the largest electronic gizmo located, usually on the back and see where and what wires are connected. For a more secure work and not to damage to the remaining system intact Soup, rip, multicolored bundles of wires from the motherboard, with white at the ends of the rectangular connectors with 20 or 24 connectors. The easiest way to correct mild damage, is try bios – basic input output system, yes yes that same white label at the beginning of the boot after contradiction bippera. So this sign is sometimes not boot, and on the monitor you observe just black screen and worse table monitor that you supposedly did not connect the monitor to the system unit, you are experiencing on this message and the response does not need a computer repair You pull out the elementary, flat batareechku usually located in the lower right corner of the motherboard and leave overnight without the battery and reinsert it in the morning and plugging its power supply – can contemplate fully working computer and repair took us literally a bit of time and action.