Samba Festival

Last year, fire and steel was such as under the motto”introduced in the use of medieval weapons. Many groups show different styles of fencing with a lot of skill and knowledge and had historic cannons thunder. But also medieval music, historical dance and knightly feast be readjusted with great effort and fun on the staging for the experience. Who caught the second weekend of July in Coburg, can on something else cool make throws herself to the beauty of the upper Franconian in the tight skirt of Samba and makes the hips swing: there it rises 19. Samba Festival in Coburg from 9-11 July 2010. Since 1992, biggest Samba Festival outside of Brazil takes place here every year on three days in July. About 200,000 visitors enjoy the spectacle in the historic old city centre: Brazil’s best dancers and dancer, bright colorful costumes, plenty of skin and hot rhythms, driving drumbeats and dances turn the old town in a only boiling Festival.

It is danced, Sung and celebrated – on historical squares, narrow streets, quaint pubs, cafes and bars. Star guest in this year: the “Rainha do carnaval 2010”, the Queen of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Shayene Cesario! Beer, roasting and snack: Hearty stopovers in the Franconian Switzerland the Samba Festival should have left cold not in our holiday pattern family. To calm of the village family father one should be highlighted but again: Upper Franconia, and here to highlight the Franconian Switzerland, is the area with the highest density of brewery in the world. Many places are usually dark, slightly tart and drinkable brewery Guest House with several beers. The cooking kitchen is kept high and in many places you can get hearty snacks. Then it is time to make the young legs gradually: in Upper Franconia, both the Fichtelgebirge and the Franconian Switzerland offer a paradise for hikers.