Spanish Civil War

But in 1928 he was elected governor of the influential economically and politically New York State, which opens the way to the White House. After spending two terms as governor, Roosevelt gained valuable experience, it is useful to him during his presidency. In the presidential campaign of 1932 Roosevelt scored an impressive victory over G. Hoover, not been able to bring the country out of economic crisis in 1929-1933. ('Great Depression'). Roosevelt came to power in the midst of the Great Depression, with the support of more far-sighted sections of the bourgeoisie, to prevent development of social revolution. Conducted a series of reforms ('New Course'). In 1933, the Roosevelt government established diplomatic relations with the ussr.

Since the beginning of the 2 nd World War, spoke in favor of Britain, France and the ussr (from June 1941 year) in their fight against Nazi Germany. However, concern for the fate of domestic reforms and U.S. reluctance to link to any obligations in a difficult international environment contributed to the Roosevelt's foreign policy had the character of neutrality (ie, ignore the distinction between the aggressor and the victim). As a result of non-interference in the Italo-Ethiopian conflict (1935) and the Spanish Civil War legal governments have been unable to procure U.S. weapons and ammunition in the fight against well-armed powers 'axis Berlin – Rome'. Only in November 1939 when the already raging war in Europe, Roosevelt made the repeal of section on embargo on arms sales and began a policy of assistance to the victims of aggression. But the fact that the law of 1934 did not allow the U.S. government to lend to countries that are not repaid previous debts.

Laws in America are respected strictly, and even the president can not break them. However, the way out was found – to recall another law of 1892, which gave the government the right to lend or rent long-term lease other States Property U.S. Army, if necessary, to defend the country. The project was named – "Bill Lend-Lease '. Roosevelt wanted to as long as possible to limit supplies of arms and if possible avoid large-scale U.S. involvement in European war. In this case, under the slogan of 'active defense' with the fall of 1941 in the Atlantic was 'undeclared war' with Germany. Allowed to conduct aimed fire on the German and Italian courts, which has reached a zone of U.S. security, the repeal of article neutrality laws prohibiting arming of merchant ships and entry of American ships in the combat zone. Churchill and Roosevelt declared: "Any state that fights against Nazism, can count on our assistance." In one of his speeches Commissar A. Mikoyan said: "In autumn 1941, we lost everything, and if not for lend-lease, not weapons, food, warm clothes for Army and other supplies, another question, as it turned out to be. " True, later on cooperation safely forgotten – former partners became bitter rivals in the ensuing Cold War. Attack on Dec. 7, 1941 Japanese aircraft to the U.S. air base Pearl Harbor in the Pacific Ocean was a surprise to Roosevelt, who was trying in recent months in 1941 through diplomatic negotiations to delay the inevitability of war with Japan. The next day, the U.S. and Britain declared war on Japan, and on 11 December the war the United States was declared by Germany and Italy. Roosevelt, in accordance with the constitution, assumed all the duties of commander in chief in time of war