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Its Transformation

In a point of 150km of village next to the camels it was turned aside in search of wild camels. Of Chinese Turquesto, the way in return for the civilization was through the depression of Turfan, that, even so in the heart of Asia, meets below of the average level of waters of the sea…

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FestiVelhas Years

They had also said that it could more be divulged, mainly in the region. The ones that has 36 years more than had said that the Festivelhas had the main objective to acquire knowledge the population of the importance of the nature for the life. also the necessity to keep the River of Old the…

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Latin America

It is not impossible that strong tremors have shaken our country in the past, and could come back to happen in the current days. 3 SCALE RICHTER the Richter scale is a system created by is not perceived by the people; 3,5 the 5,4 frequently are not felt but it can cause damages; 5,5 the…

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