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Latin American Association

According to Magnoli and Arajo the MCCA ' ' one did not reveal capable to face the agroexportadora specialization of Central American economies and the consequent dependence ahead of the exterior markets. Moreover, it was poisoned by the diplomatical rivalries between its countries-membros' '. (MAGNOLI the ARAJO, 1998. P. 24). The Andean Pact was instituted…

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Central America

Most of the Brazilian production it is proceeding from sort PHASEOLUS (feijoeiro common), originary of the high regions of Central America (Mexico, Guatemala and Costa Rica). In percentile minor the Vigna sort (rope beans) or beans is cultivated to macassar that it has the northeast region as bigger producer. Brazil has produced, in recent years,…

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FestiVelhas Years

They had also said that it could more be divulged, mainly in the region. The ones that has 36 years more than had said that the Festivelhas had the main objective to acquire knowledge the population of the importance of the nature for the life. also the necessity to keep the River of Old the…

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