FestiVelhas Years

They had also said that it could more be divulged, mainly in the region. The ones that has 36 years more than had said that the Festivelhas had the main objective to acquire knowledge the population of the importance of the nature for the life. also the necessity to keep the River of Old the clean one, known and respecting. Regarding the prominence of the FestiVelhas they had told the young of up to 25 years, excellent point observed how much to the organization as well as the behavior of the participants. Already of 26 the 36 years had said that beyond the great investment that was fact, of the spreading and room of the participants, they have distrust of that the party of the folklore falls in the esquecimento. The ones that have 36 years more than, had said that the lectures, theaters, paintings, you wall, dances, workshops, musics, much contribute for the ambient preservation, also stops despoluio of the River of the Old ones.

The young of up to 25 years had pointed the biggest spreading of the Jequitib city, from ' ' FestiVelhas' ' , when this is noticed with a bigger flow of visitors in common times. It is noticed in the category of age of 26 the 36 years, of that it stops some did not change nothing in the cited city, bad had greater spreading of the importance of the River of the Old ones. How much to the interviewed ones of age above of the 36 years, these had affirmed to have had bigger awareness of the local population how much to the value of the River of the Old ones and other good of the region. The questioned ones of up to 25 years had said that changes in the knowledge of the population and the spreading of the name of the city had happened.