Regional Prosecutor

The incident, which occurred during a routine raid of traffic police officers, forced to whisper almost the entire population of a small town in Leningrad Oblast. Stopping black stained Lancer, traffic cops Priozersk found that the driver is not on the car documents, and the machine itself two years ago was removed from the register. Behind the wheel of "ghost" was deputy prosecutor of the city. Now, in the circumstances of what happened understands its own security service Regional Prosecutor's Office. However, the threat looms, rather, on the inspectors, rather than on the prosecutors. History occurred on Sept. 29, 2010, "", without saying a word, tell a few people Priozersk. Each of the two people asked not to be named for fear of possible reprisals. But still – as one – pleaded "not be silent" heard, make it public. In general, they said, the picture emerges as follows. It was the usual weekday. Or rather, morning. Employees ogibdd Priozersky atc conducted the raid. At the intersection of Kirov and Ispolkomovskoy their attention was drawn to the obscene stained black Lancer with number signs H 341 hh 47-th region. Black film tinting covers, including foreign-made cars and the front glass. Coming from a stopped car in a civil man once "waved ksivoy" before gai officers: Vice City Prosecutor Priozersk Tumar Rustam Faritovich. In response to the inspectors (as they say, very politely) asked to show driver's license and car documents. Latest from Tumarova supposedly was not – they say, forgotten at home.