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Civil Code

Declaring a minor is fully capable (emancipation) by decision of the guardianship authority – with the consent of both parents adoptive parents or guardian or in the absence of such agreement – a court decision. Parents, adoptive parents and the Trustee shall not be liable for the obligations of an emancipated minor, in particular obligations…

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Regional Prosecutor

The incident, which occurred during a routine raid of traffic police officers, forced to whisper almost the entire population of a small town in Leningrad Oblast. Stopping black stained Lancer, traffic cops Priozersk found that the driver is not on the car documents, and the machine itself two years ago was removed from the register.…

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Germans Rights

Often in our lives, unfortunately, we are confronted with a situation where the newly purchased product stops working. The abundance of low-quality products, the pursuit of cheaper goods, both from consumers and from the sellers and many, many other factors, which we all know. But the main problem is not the point, and that we,…

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