The Society

Carried through a study economic partner of these women, she perceives that this factor is sufficiently significant, but that with options exactly limited of work and professional growth as well as all the classroom people low; if the money was most important, would lead to think that all the private women of resources would follow for prostitution, what it does not happen. In against point it exists classroom women it measured and it measured high that they do not possess significant economic necessities are carrying of superior course and exactly thus they follow this way. But for the fact of if feeling devaluated while people and while woman, them has the money as physical representation of the value. She is clearly that many women who exert prostitution, make for pleasure or as a form of if feeling valued and not for obligation. It perceives if in this group a great difficulty familiar partner and difficulty to obey the work rules, as to fulfill load horria, to accept the hierarchy common in these places, also distresses and always me the quality of life together with a bad use of its individuality and freedom.

Sexual upheavals brought of infancy are great gifts for adult age or acquired upheavals. The complaints more frequent than these present are: guilt depression, fear, shame, abandonment, taquicardia, sleeplessness, palpitations, compulsory obsessive upheaval (TOC) and isolation. A great part presents deficit and/or disfuno in social relationships, possesss high Degree of affective emotional immaturity, Auto fragile image and is Vitimas of the social adversity what they run away from the standards of a healthful considered individual, that is that one that possesss harmony in all the functional aspects, psychological, social and financially steady. Strengthening the familiar idea of that the financial condition and they are not the only factors that make with that the woman decides to enter prostitution, therefore, then with the change of picture and chances appearing in its life this picture would move and soon they would abandon this I officiate. Psychological characteristics are of determinative factor to exert prostitution in if treating to these cases where if it has as option. It has great contrast enters the thoughts of the women who if they prostituem with a parcel of the society that sees the sex relating to the love and not as a physical desire, flesh time or as possibility to acquire financial resources, although to be in a world each undressed time more of before unquestioned values. Therefore prostitution can be seen as a shunting line of personality or riot of behavior what he is something that it deserves to be treated and to be folloied by a professional.