Spendenvoting Action Of BBBOnLine AG Is Located On HomeStretch

The Federal Government introduces nature conservation and the Wildcat project Nuremberg, December 07th, 2011 only more a few days remain before the BBBOnLine AG – Nuremberg as package shipper and transport intermediaries can actively – announce, the highest donation from the ongoing since late November Christmas action which charity project is made available. In the course of an online voting on can still vote are, in what parts of the available amount of money amounting to 5,000 on the facilities of the Nurnberger SOS – Kinderdorf E.v. awarded conservation Bavaria Nurnberger Land boards and the Wildcat project of the Federal should be. Thousands vote recorded already up to the present day, so that the result will be published after the tranquil holidays then. 2,500 euros go to the action with the most clicks this, two and three will place 1,500 euros and 1,000 euros supplied. The efforts of the Federal Naturschutz in Bayern e.V.

are in this weeks special on the Wildcat of the endangered. The Project of environmental protection association is also considered by pages of BBBOnLine AG in the wake of the Christmas action. It specifically involves the financial support of the Wildcats project in German and Bavarian forests. Kind of cat is one of the most secret inhabitants of the forest in Germany. For more than 20 years the federal nature protection already in this case engaged to promote the return of the Wildcats in the Bavarian forests.

Conservation also resolving threat causes for the remaining populations, who have to be in Germany belongs to the tasks of the Federal as well as the education and information supply about the way of life of these animals. The small Wildcat reserves, which are still occasionally found in Germany, have increased the susceptibility to inbreeding and disease. Because the landscape in many places does not allow a colonization of new habitats, the situation remains critical, so that Auswilderungsstationen must strive to maintain and the eviction of the cats. About BBBOnLine AG, the BBBOnLine AG (www.iloxx.de) is an independent package shipping and transport intermediaries. It collaborates with more than 20 of the largest German parcel services and logistics companies and many small trucking companies. Through this cooperation, transportation services are handled by the parcels up to container imported from a single source. The success of BBBOnLine AG is based on that all of the services benefit. On one side the haulage and parcel services, that develop through the BBBOnLine AG new target groups. On the other side of the final customer, will receive the transportation services, who otherwise unable or can hire them at low prices.