Value Real Estate Funds

P2 value real estate funds is resolved the P2 value real estate funds, was been closed for almost two years. Now it has failed a further open-ended real estate funds, to reopen. Since the Morgan Stanley already had to close P2 value real estate funds in October 2008 due to high cash outflows, it must resume the redemption law no later than Nov. 1. The P2 value real estate fund has failed, within the prescribed period of two years, through the sale of real estate to get enough money for a reopening. End of September the P2 value due to drastic depreciation of real estate with over 37 per cent had lost more value than all other real estate funds. With the third resolution after the KanAm U.S. Grundinvest by KanAm reason as well as real estate has the DEGI Europa of Aberdeen is the crisis of the open-ended real estate funds worsens.

In the P2 value real estate fund 40,000 investors have invested their life savings. In October 2008, they were frozen nearly 1.7 billion euros. After several Devaluations assume experts total current Fund of 852 million euros. Now still existing assets will be paid out over a period of three years, the exact amount is still unclear. Morgan Stanley has informed, that the real estate was cancelled funds of the P2 value with the 30.09.2013 effect. Goal should be to complete the real estate sales up to the 30.09.2013.

During the duration of the notice period payouts to investors of the Morgan Stanley P2 value should be made every six months, if for this purpose sufficient liquidity available. Currently, it is not clear when and to what extent the Morgan Stanley P2 value investors will receive money. In most cases, the shares in the P2 value as a safe investment were recommended investors without telling about the risks. Most investors were advised investors – not just object. In addition some advisors have informed investors do not have received kick-back payments. Has the consultant to investors culpably The resulting damage must be replaced reconnaissance or consulting duties hurt, lawyers point out tax advisors, Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, Dusseldorf GRP Rainer. Whether this starting point to consider is, requires assessing case by a lawyer. The validity of their claims threatens investors. Many investors do not know, that is also on the acquisition of shares in open-ended real estate funds securities transactions and a securities trading act of old version this fall under the Statute of limitations provision of 37. This means that all investors who bought their shares in Morgan Stanley P2 Value in September 2007, must act immediately, otherwise your claims.