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Christian Baumgartner

It was far easier said than done, but this will 3 according to the recent findings of the milk test ring Bayern e.V. (www.mpr-bayern.de) headquartered in Wolnzach thanks to the MCR analysis platform (Munich chip reader of third-generation) now change. The MCR 3 allows a parallel qualification and quantification of 14 in veterinary medicine of…

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Age Simulation

The SD & C age simulation suit senior suit reaches New York age simulation suits are now proven tool for designers and engineers to evaluate and design of products for a demographically changing world. The proportion of elderly in the population is growing, half of the people will soon be over 50 years old. The…

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Nonferrous Metals

“Fiber lasers allow new production possibilities in the laser cutting CCIS sheet metalforming GmbH Tru laser allows 5030 fiber with the innovative laser cutting machine” by Trump perfect cutting results for highest quality demands! With 20 years experience in the field of sheet metal working and currently 70 employees has become to a powerful supplier…

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