Nonferrous Metals

“Fiber lasers allow new production possibilities in the laser cutting CCIS sheet metalforming GmbH Tru laser allows 5030 fiber with the innovative laser cutting machine” by Trump perfect cutting results for highest quality demands! With 20 years experience in the field of sheet metal working and currently 70 employees has become to a powerful supplier for technical sheet metal parts, as well as complex sheet metal assemblies CCIS GmbH: innovative techniques and efficient complete solutions characterize the company. A currently CCIS laser cutting-new standards in and leads Tru laser 5030 fiber as one of the first the new solid state laser system”in our own machine park. Buyers from different industries of general industry alike rely on the competence of CCIS sheet metalforming GmbH, when it comes to development, production and delivery of complex sheet metal parts and pre-assembled components. This routine is the punching and laser cutting in the field of sheet metal technology. What has however not been possible was: safe lasers non-ferrous metals metals such as copper, brass, in aluminium and titanium. Especially the high risk of reflection when editing the metals made laser cutting almost impossible.

“The turning point in the processing of thin sheet metal is all the more interesting: the new laser machine Tru laser 5030 fiber”, with the CCIS its machine park now expanded has now allows precision cutting of non-ferrous metals and guaranteed comprehensive benefits in the laser sheet metal processing users. One of them is the economic factor of thin sheet metal. Because the cutting with a fiber laser requires less time than the punch and thus has shorter production cycles. Up to three feeds of the solid state laser TruDisk and the machine direct drives with high dynamics promote productivity. Also the use of the material is a welcome feature, as minimized waste and waste. Due to the independence of certain tools, also flexible contour designs are possible. With TruDisk 5001, editing is the thickness of maximum of 20 mm in structural steel, 15 mm in stainless steel and aluminium, and 6 mm for copper and brass possible.

CCIS Managing Director Jorg Kopfle notes: “the TruLaser technology is really an advantage through and through. For customers as well as our company. The most pleased that we now can react more flexibly to customer requirements and cost-efficiently produce also smallest quantities. A concern that still guarantees the constant satisfaction of our customers.” Convinces not only the newly developed laser cutting technology, but also the design of the machine: The compact exterior and the establishment of flexible, surprisingly little space is required. Make sure the integrated electrical cabinets, compact dust collector and the fibre beam guidance. “Conclusion: the renewal of TruLaser 5030 fiber” shows in the machinery that CCIS sheet metalforming GmbH adapts to the demands of the market, to produce perfect system solutions from sheet metal for the highest quality standards.