International Games

Germany won Brazil for 3X2, in the carried through international game in the city of Stuttgart. The technician I flow Menezes completed one year to the front of the Escrete Canarinho, but it must not have reasons to commemorate. Not yet it obtained to win a teams whom it appears most enters the ten classified in ranking of the FIFA, and made bitter one fiasco thick in the last America Pantry. Of that start favorable against the election of the United States candies had been alone souvenirs. My colleague said that she considers already it resigning. I have my doubts here.

I flow can not be optimum shipowner of teams, but he is one politician of full hands and sharpened persuasive power. Its says bellwether, weighed, sensible and very elegant it seems to hipnotizar the twisted one, making with that all accept the results as normal. is of that its necessary master to in front follow with its disobediences and its assayed and obscure plays. The possibility of Brazil if to become the only country to lose two pantries in house seems not to bother it (Mexico does not count, goes). It is that it has much with that if to worry: sponsors, sponsors, and the money of the sponsors.

I would like to understand the invocations of the Brazilians of the Shakhtar. Shakhtar Donetsk is a ucraniano club, whose owner, the multibilionrio, Rinat Akhmeton, with richness evaluated around US$ 16 billion, is happens frequently related the tax crimes, frauds, contraband, money laudering and until allowed businesses. Let us see: the Jadson is called for a game, does not play nothing, but it remains being convoked for the America Pantry. During the match, the election so was disarranged that until it, when it entered, was capable to play better what the substituted one, making until goal, remembers? Later it did not play more, the teams was eliminated, the pnaltis etc. came the invocation for the game against Germany There and, they guess, it was not convoked. In its place another stranger, Fernandinho. Of that teams? Shakhtar! I do not know if it played, therefore I not it vi in field. Then, as is justified this? The Jadson must not have been convoked, as much that was one ‘ ‘ mala’ ‘ in the first game, but when it makes a good one left, who would have to keep it in the group, as a species of second possibility, it at the moment of its first invocation is changed by other, so extinguished how much. I must be going crazy, therefore I do not obtain to enxergar the logic of this! If I was a young player aspiring to the Brazilian Election, I I would not have doubts of for which teams of the Europe I I would go to move. Manaus, 11 of August of 2011. R L Galiza.