Water Supply Pipes

The first things usually start picking pipe water – their price. That is, the cost of the material from which pipes are made of water supply, installation, additional equipment and materials. All together it will be make the water supply. What materials are made of water pipes? Steel pipes of water supply. Usually issued in two forms: non-galvanized and galvanized (black). Galvanized pipes are mainly for the installation of drinking water pipes and hot water. ated pages.

Galvanized pipe as opposed to black covered with a layer of zinc, which prevents them from corrosion in an aqueous medium. Industry produces non-galvanized and galvanized pipes random length (non-uniform in length) from 4 to 12 m and a cut length (all pipes of this party a certain length) from 4 to 8 meters with an allowance for each cut to 5 mm and a maximum deviation over the whole length + 10 mm. K steel pipes of water supply have the following requirements. Pipe surface must be flat and smooth, without cracks and sags. A small amount of layers of scale, small dents and risks. In the area of the seam may be gentle thickening up to a maximum of 0.5 mm.

On the surface of galvanized pipes should not be coated with zinc, not plots, bubble zinc coating, may be a little rough, and the influx of zinc. Cast-iron pipes of water supply. Applied to the exterior of water supply, pressure gravity sewer systems and internal drainage. Advantage – increased durability compared to steel and corrosion resistance.