A Recipe For Success In The Fight Against Obesity

Healthy eating and the fight against obesity – it's not one day It is a principle of life, full of vigor, energy, and fun! We have already talked about the reasons and ways to combat obesity, the method of calculating ideal body weight, using calculator for Body Mass Index and the choice of an effective diet. If we talk about weight loss – lose weight still quite simple and fast. Agree – 10 weeks, it's not a lot – about the time for which the weight gain. 10 weeks is difficult to recover for 10-15 and even 20 kg, and weight loss is quite real. The difficulty is, what happens after the weight has decreased. How to make the extra pounds did not come back. The other day, I met my friend, who very effectively thin. It has reduced the weight of autumn – winter 2009, and fully updated seasonal clothes. And now the problem – again, gaining weight and asked me how to do so as not to recover. I fully understand it now recover more than lose weight. After all, once again ahead of the autumn, winter, and buy new clothes for larger size – it's expensive. We talked and I learned how she lost weight. I will not talk about her experience, I will note only that the method is that it use has brought a great result! But in the short term. Diet diet, but the principle of life style and way of eating it remains the same.