Bembe Wood

Double and triple well once parquet flooring always: who is used to set the foot after waking up on wood or to be greeted, when you open the front door of a warm, natural wooden floor is to never miss this feeling. But many building owners a solid wood parquet for cost reasons not eligible for. Who wants to have to do it with real wood is the ideal and cheaper solution in a multilayer parquet. The desired species here not inches thick, is applied as a fine wood wear layer on a two – or three-tiered support system. Visually, there is no difference to a solid parquet. For over 230 years, uses the natural material wood parquet Bembe and offers solid parquet on two – and three-layer parquet in all lengths and widths also have a wide range. In the area of the 3-layer planks, there are the floorboards Corniche with a top layer of oak can be selected between different surfaces during and the ship’s bottom Calais in the, Wood species oak, beech, walnut or maple is available. Both multi layer boards can be laid even floating due to their glue-free connection system.

The range of the 2-layer planks of Bembe parquet the TopLine and the comfort Tauntil include cream, as well as the comfort Tauntil Rod parquet. All three products are already in the production at the plant 7 UV-sealed and are thanks to the low construction height suitable also for use with underfloor heating. High-quality wood types and different surfaces slack in the design. The surface two – and three-layer parquet factory completely finished will be created, so that the usual grinding and oils on the ground falls away, called engineered hardwood flooring too. A practical click instead of Groove and spring system also allows the self-employed laying through the ambitious do-it-yourself.

Long live hardwood floors and retain their value, Bembe offers directly with the corresponding eco-friendly care and cleaning products. Who after years a refresher of the soil wishes you can grind and re-seal the surface allow the top layer. More at. Bembe Parkett GmbH & co. KG