Charles Baudelaire

This age the pretension doSimbolismo while aesthetic: to arrive at the absolute vacant, the complete impreciso. Overso s to follow, is a good example of this: ‘ ‘ in the sun light perpetual glorificadas’ ‘. Another important element emtoda soneto is the misticismo, that if presents in an intensity almost dominantena greater has left of the poem. The soul of the poet seems repleta of a mstica quesegue the ritual of its images, aerial, almost always volatile. Exactly the elementomundano suffers to deep transformation, earning the slightness and brightness. A misteriosamsica seems to dominate the directions, reflecting the chords of a religious hymn.

In the verse ‘ ‘ where the Sea sings ossalmos and rudezas’ ‘ the word ‘ ‘ Mar’ ‘ transcendente gains one meaning, absolute, with bigger expressividade to the being grafada with the maisculasalegorizantes that are a symbolic resource very used by the simbolistas to parapersonificar things, objects among others. The vocabulary was cuidadosamentetrabalhado through words and expressions that accent the mstica suggestion: ‘ ‘ almas’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ sombras’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ religies’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ amortalhada’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ eternos’ ‘. The trend for the personificao or prosopopia also appears in vriosversos of poems with intention to attribute to qualities inanimate human beings when loaning scoisas to be able of peculiar action to the beings following livings creature as we can observarnos versos.’ ‘ Incognito grumbles of gruta’ ‘ ‘ ‘ where the Sea sings ossalmos and rudezas’ ‘ was perceived that in the poem; ‘ Old the Tristezas’ ‘ of Cruz and Sousa they are evidentescaractersticas of the simbolista poetry Them simbolistasencenavam the reality with signs that represented a concept or suggestion, commetforas and figures of language that consisted of mixing two images ousensaes of distinct nature. The escape of the reality takes the simbolista poet to the world spiritual. It is umaviagem to the invisible world and impalpvel of the human being showing it influences of Charles Baudelaire in Cross poems eSousa. Cruz and Sousa utilizouas is a poet words stops making to travel in them in its subjectivity. The preference for the invisible world to the visible one, the attempt of compreensoda life for the intuition and the irrational, the exploration of real the situated reality almdo and the reason. With this analiseobserva it importance of this poet in the Brazilian simbolista movement, consideradoum of most important of the time, occupying until today special place of poetasimbolista.>