Endangered Species

Today I wonder if will survive the libraries. I imagine that it is a doubt that assails many, especially since the appearance of new formats of eBooks and eReaders and the closure of large chains will light new technologies for a future without libraries? When I go into any Bookstore, as for example the book House, I like to close my eyes and I wonder if it will be the last time. When entering them I can’t help thinking what will be its future, I find them a relaxing place, pick up books, read their back covers, smelling the environment and books, look at what you want other people and observe, decide me for the next book to choose love. Each one has its charm and saddens me to just think that someday it could disappear. We’ll see what happens when Amazon with their eBooks to Spain in the second half.

However, the major challenge today is selling books on paper by Internet with Amazon as a great competitor of bookstores that comes to Spain this year. I wonder what do front to the new reality?It is obvious that we can not cling to the past. Perhaps in a few years we talk about those places in which you ojeabas books and you could touch them, or perhaps simply be transformed into new places with a different offer. Who knows right?