What does it mean for you dream? For many people the dream means 'A dream not a withdrawal from reality, but a means to approach her. " 'The problem of the world perceive the dream. The dream is not a fantasy God created the first dream and then Man: so that it is an ancient and even man Dream – it's easy! When she – all of it is understood as something very dear, close all, all immediately clear and go for it, as a grandmother babies. Dream – a beauty, and truth and goodness. Dream and a star above you, my friend. Do not extinguish it, looking for her, even brighter shine on it '! "Dreams give to the world of interest and meaning." 'Dream powerful reality. And could it be otherwise, if she herself ultimate reality? It is the soul of Jehovah '.

What goes around – then reap! Want to get a Dream – sow it in his heart. The dream helps to survive. In the Nazi camps, people were surviving by Dream. The dream is born in a controlled only by God a special area of the brain, independently of the whole system rights. The dream is a class! It us to build and help us live, especially one who himself is a dream, it turns and it lives. True or not desires, dreams – meaning it is that gives life, dream lives, and just have it believe, frankly, to the end.