North Frog

Illustrations and paintings of artist Anja Mathiesen alias time frog is now admired POSTER lounge! Leipzig, July 22, 2010 – Anja Mathiesen alias time frog “lives and works as a freelance illustrator in Hamburg in the areas of non-book, editorial, lifestyle, and fashion. She works for publishing houses, advertising agencies and companies. born in 1970 in Hamburg, later left her hometown for her art education at colleges and lecturers in the country and abroad, and spent some time in the United States in New York and Florida. Their creative streak lives out Anja Mathiesen in three different areas of work. 1. the painting with a large, expressive, figurative and abstract at the same time style appeals to the artist above all people with an interest in the painting.

I want the Viewer when looking at the images there remains room for own fantasies and good mood. Particularly fascinated by the appearance of people and faces. I draw them too abstract or realistic. This gives you a very own character. The Beauty is in the creative process: there is never a dull moment! The idea of an image idea is renewed when drawing or painting often and pictures that are interesting due to the controlled coincidence then.

Thus evolved a picture and that makes the work so worthwhile!” Quote: Anja Mathiesen 2. The design with its own post card collection for their label time frog”, called Anja Mathiesen in addition to other projects in the year 2007 in the life, the artist shows her playful and childlike side. Why time frog”? A frog because it’s funny how kids and always a little rogue has in the neck, which ensures a good mood! “” “At least as funny as Max”, the frog, cavort still Baldwin”the bear, Anton” the dog and Pumi “cat on Anja Mathiesens children pictures, which together as a scooter gang on tour” have lots of fun. Then there is there is the versatile giraffe Emilia”, who travels around the world like to much and get” time as Chef de cuisine presents or as Sailor in the far North. Also can be found in Anja BBs collection also cute Zodiac motifs, which are ideal as a gift to welcome a new arrival or birthday. Colorful, festive and decorative bring time frog”motives now also color and wit to the native nursery wall, with a children’s poster collection for the art Publisher and online art trade posters LOUNGE 2010 in Mrs. Mathiesen also ensured. Here, interested parents can either buy their images as posters or in the canvas order format. In colorful, childlike compositions is thus equally catered for good design and good mood in the nursery! “” 3. Anja Mathiesens illustration illustrations are picturesque, free, loose and sketchy and editorial in particular in the areas of work “and lifestyle & fashion” for various companies such as magazine publishers and advertising agencies use. Using different techniques such as acrylic, watercolor, pencil, coloured pencils, Fineliners, ink, chalk, pen and collage created or perpetuated the artist what inspires them in real life and interests, such as magazines and newspapers, art books, the Internet, a flea market shopping, travel & her sketch book.