It had a group of fishing in the city of Ipojuca that, always in the week ends, per the morning, leave to fish in the beach of Port of Hens. , For 5:30 h of the morning, this group with five people had certain day decided to explore an area never gone before, close to the rocks and corentezas. The waters were agitated and the direction of the winds had dragged the boat for far, making with that they were moved away from the coast. Suddenly, an opera music started to be heard, and the soft voice seemed to come of the deep one of the sea. In this instant, the waters if had calmed and formed a small whirlwind, of inside of which a woman of long blond hair went up. Three of the fishing, of so exaustos that they were, had finished catching in sleep as soon as music touched, not arriving to see such woman. The others two turn everything and had been so magic that they would go to jump in the water, but it balanced the head giving signal so that they did not jump.

Soon after, it jumped so high that she passed over the boat and she dived in the other side With this, they had been able to perceive that she was not about one woman, but of a sereia, because she did not have legs, and yes a green tail as of a great fish. These two had still been observed the water for a long period, in the hope to see it again, but it more did not apreceu. Then, without second thought, they had immerged into the water to its meeting. Minutes later, were almost if drowning, and had started if to debate and to cry out begging aid. The others three sleepers if had waked up in such a way of hearing those shouts that were confusing its sleep. One of them continued in the interior of the boat, and the two remains had jumped in the sea in order to save the friends in process of afogamentto. When the four finally estaval safe ones, had perceived that fisherman, what firara in the boat, was not more there! It was almost half day when the boat returned to the beach lightest, since it lacked a fisherman. Amongst the fishing quatros, two swore of together feet that had seen a sereia of truth and that it could only have been who abducts 5 fishing; The others two and more the remaining portion of the city did not believe, and said that one to pober man if drowns in the attempt to rescue excessively.