2 Corntios (11/3):? But distrust that, as well as the serpent deceived Eva with its astuteness, thus also either corrupted your mind and if aside remark of simplicity and pureness due the Christ.? Part of the legions of the evil tries to pervert the mind human being. Efsios (2/1-3):? It gave to life, being dead you in your delicts and sins to you, in which you walked long ago, according to course of this world, according to prince of the power of air, of the spirit that now acts in the children of the disobedience; between which also all we walk long ago, according to inclinations of our meat, making the will of the meat and the thoughts? Airs, below of the celestial vault, are town by the malignant espritos, guided for the Satan. With intention to corrupt our mind, these forces work of continuous. Colossenses (3/2):? You think there about the things of the high one, in that they are not here of the land? If only to come back our mind toward the terrenas things, we will be destined the perdio. Filipenses (3/18,19):? Therefore many walk between us, of which, repeated times, I said to you, now I say, you, until crying, that they are enemy de a Cruz of Christ. The destination of them is the perdio, the God of them is the womb, and the glory of them is in its infamy, since they are only worried about the terrenas things.? The bad espritos try to corrupt our mind, and to make about that only let us worry in them about the terrenas things. We have that to acquire the conscience of that we are espritos, and that we are here of ticket. Acting in this way our mind he will not be contaminated.. .