The human being generates garbage since the hour where it is born until the hour where it dies. They are tons of discarded residues during all a life. They is esteem that each individual is responsible today for the generation, on average, of 1 kg. of garbage per day. On account of this, much is said in selective collection and recycling of the materials. What really aid in the solution of the problem, but serves still more to aplacar the conscience of the individual that makes the discarding, as if the selective collection was an amnesty for the generation of as much garbage.

After all where we go to stop with as much garbage? Or better, where it goes to stop the garbage that we generate? In it I fill with earth bathroom, many will say. Or in the lixo, what it is more common. But it will be that we will have enough aterros or lixes, Since the production grows and grows all day? Another question: Of who it is the responsibility for the generated and discarded garbage? Then let us see: it has the garbage of our houses, of the companies, of the streets and the squares, the public sectors, the hospitals and pharmacies, etc.The garbage of that they live in the city. However still it is given credit that the concern with the destination of this garbage is not a problem of each one, as if that garbage that we place in the house door left to exist immediately afterwards. if we had that to be with all our garbage per one week inside of house? Certainly it would be a chaos.

Good, this introduction is alone pra to speak on consumption, discarding and wastefulness. Or of the garbage ours of each day. One knows that all the materials which are part of our life of a direct form or indirect they come of the nature.