Ramblero City

The city of Alicante already breathed your smell of Carnival. As every year, Alicante is preparing for one of their parties with greater tradition and involvement for decades. Alicante Carnival is one of the most attractive Carnival on the national scene. This Carnival is mainly characterized by being one of the most multitudinous, free and participatory. Anyone can participate, is not necessary to belong to any association or pay any fees. It is not a commercialized Carnival since sponsorship by commercial firms is not supported.

In short, is the original Carnival, created by citizens and for citizens. Original elements of the urban Archaeologies Alicante carnaval: are ephemeral costumes of different areas of the city, initially with vindictive character. In some places this known as Urbanasarqueologias school interventions: transformation Carnival of colleges and institutes.Carnival banners: ephemeral paintings on canvas are located in streets.Autos de Carnaval: satires represented Friday of Carnival groups and penalties carnavaleras in different spaces.Grease (Dijous Gras) on Thursday. Preheating of the ritual under fire, grease and wine home.Saturday Ramblero: the Rambla in Alicante, avenida par excellence of the city, transforms into a huge Carnival mascaras.martes dance. Summary judgment to Carnestoltes by the authorities and procession with percussion and fire through the narrow streets of the old town (Jui den Carnestoltes i bubbler processo).Burial of the sardine. Ash Wednesday. The different brotherhoods and brotherhoods penitential carnavaleras form the courtship of the beautiful fish in the old town until their incineration.Domingo de Pinata: morning child celebration.Veteran’s dance: directed to older.

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