Government Iron

Iron has described as " quimrico" to try to count for its candidacy with the apparatus of the party, reason why has resorted to the social networks, where it assures already to have reaped supports of all the bunds of PSOE. It has assured that his is not a project that expires east month of June and that if it does not secure 22,000 endorsement necessary to appear to the primary ones its project will participate in all the processes that are abran in the party. Iron has insisted on which the parties " they must be democratic, and if somebody since Obama has been able to arrive at president in the United States, that must be able to happen in Espaa". " If there had been primary in the PP somebody it thinks that they had voted to Camps? " , there is this Iron, that on the economic policy of the socialist Government has indicated that " irremediably there was hacerla" and that in the future those measures, although unpopular, will be praised. Iron has indicated that " it is not possible to be gone to new elections for a new announced defeat, still more forceful that the one of 22-M, only with the null project that means to only say: that comes the PP! , more when it is demonstrated than already nor that works to him to the PSOE". Iron, with its presentation, also tries to bring about changes in the PSOE, by what also it will ask primary for the designation of the candidate to the presidency of the Meeting of Andalusia. This happens a day after another professor of the University of Seville, Jose Carlos Carmona, would announce that he will appear like aspiring the primary Socialists. Source of the news: Exdiputado and professor Luis Angel Iron aspires to face Rubalcaba in the primary ones