Managing Director

Since the recommendation from the team came, I quickly realized that it will be better with can do than in the past. So I could decide any better. Can do: Where is the can do project management software are at GESIS used? Could you imagine can do even with customers who work projektebasiert to recommend? Gunter Konig: Our normal day-to-day business comprises classical project work in addition to maintenance and system work. In this respect, we are basically plan our work processes with project management software can do. Good tools are in our group-wide used, and because the planning tool can do is industry-independent, we will work everywhere where it is useful, it. Can do: You are an experienced IT professional with a good sense of future trends. Where does it lead “Development of project management, which must be a project management software in the future characteristics, to the predicate state of art” to earn? Gunter Konig: From the point of view as a Managing Director of GESIS and CIO of the Salzgitters group I would refer first of all, that our project management software is used not only for projects but also for the care and maintenance of the systems.

Still, we have the need for a modern portfolio management. The solution can do now reaches a very high level, which at the same time has a great growth potential. Therefore, we cooperate with can do to develop the area of portfolio management. We are sure that can do is enrich also this area with new innovations. A State of the art project management software to deliver have included idea management along the entire portfolio approach planned/actual data real time. She must provide different information, such as, for example, how is the content project history and how What are the running costs?” The program must be open so that more data from other systems, such as for example SAP, can be delivered smoothly.