Call Center

Jorge is a person with an excellent level of tactile and visual acuity. With high level of concentration and a highly developed capacity for precision. The best quality inspector having the company unfolds in a textile company in the area of quality inspection, indeed he is. He has George is deaf. Maria has a great touch and listening comprehension. She works in a known Spanish transnational in my country (Peru) doing Call Center work. Their heads are very happy with it. It has.

Maria is blind. Carlita, is a girl who works as a hostess in a Peruvian company dedicated to the sale of leather briefcases. In fact, for it is his first job. Its work is to deliver a company brochure with products that are manufactured, accompanied by a good morning, soon. Carlita suffers from Down syndrome. By try this topic? Since participating in a meeting with members of entities public and social organizations dedicated to the integration of people with disabilities. Disability is not inability there is much prejudice on the subject, especially in the labor area.

The truth is that such persons only need to be placed in the right job to feel useful to society with prejudice. An example of this bias social tare, is a person who conversed with me during the event. He is dedicated to carry out monitoring. During his lifetime work always has done that work. The funny thing is the man not heard of the left ear. He worked in a company of surveillance where he had difficulties with the supervisor. It this to realize the physical limitation of the worker, began to be treated badly and his fellow aislandolo… The story ended with their cessation of work and the consequent claim before the judiciary for its dismissal without reason for its employment.