The British Psychological Society

4. To protect the integrity of evidence by individuals not trained in the actual test materials or other unfair practice materials that might influence test performance. 5. Make sure the testing techniques are not described publicly in a way that diminishes their usefulness. 9. Competition test administrator and interpreter personnel administration of the tests have to be strict in following the instructions set by the designers of the test. The interpretations also have to be performed by qualified personnel who are psychologists.

10. Limitation of testing Tests are "limited" for the purposes for which they were designed. For a comprehensive assessment of an individual, it is necessary that test results are supplemented with information from interviews and group discussions. In addition, test results are invalid after eighteen months of his administration. 11. Copyright Test is a crime to copy the tests that have been owned.

They can only be used after the necessary approval is obtained from the designers. Otherwise this illegal copying can lead to lack of standardization in test conditions and poor control of materials. 12. Feedback Test Often feedback guidelines are not followed by users. The British Psychological Society has established the following guidelines for written and oral feedback:? Ensure that the technical and linguistic levels of all the reports are adequate for the level of understanding of the beneficiaries. Make clear that the test data represent only one source of information and should be considered always in conjunction with other information. Explain how the importance of test results must be weighted in relation to other information about the people being evaluated. Use a form and structure of a report that is appropriate to the context of the evaluation. Where appropriate, the provision to third parties information about how the results can be used to inform their decisions. Explain and support the use of the results of the tests used to classify people into categories (eg for diagnosis or choice of work). Include in the written reports a clear summary and, where appropriate, specific recommendations. Presenting oral comments to the test takers in a constructive and supportive.

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